Logstash Monitoring: X-Ray Vision for Your Data Pipeline

Logstash monitoring allows you to keep a pulse on all of your Logstash nodes in a deployment in one dashboard. Designed with capacity planning and debugging in mind, the monitoring feature supports both an UI and an API to show you exactly which plugin issues to mitigate, what node performance looks like, how traffic load is balanced across your deployment, and more.

Alvin Chen

Alvin Chen is part of the product management team at Elastic focusing on Logstash and data ingestion. Previously, he drove Hadoop & Aster products at Teradata and hacked data solutions at HP with Cassandra & Hadoop. He has a Computer Science B.A. from UC Berkeley and is an avid sports fan.

Jordan Sissel

Jordan Sissel is the Logstash Creator and Tech Lead for Elastic. Jordan is the lead developer of Logstash. While living in Silicon Valley, he tinkers with computers and practices hate-driven development (working on computers makes him less grumpy). When he's not hacking, he loves doing awesome things as a dad and husband.