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  • Symantec

    Sucesssfully switched from Solr to Elasticsearch with Elastic Support
  • USAA

    Securing USAA's entire internal network and application portfolio
  • Slack

    Building a defensive security program to monitor malicious activity
  • Barclays

    Creating a centralized security function to protect the global enterprise
  • Nature Conservancy

    Protecting a global network of 450+ offices and remote outposts from cyber threats
  • RedOwl Analytics

    Detecting insider threats and preventing malicious activity
  • Optum

    Protecting private patient data and internal network security
  • Cyber Security Innovations

    Finding cyber intruders with math and statistics
  • Cisco Talos

    Leveraging data to detect and defeat hackers
  • Mozilla

    Powering MozDef's efforts to secure your systems
  • Vandis

    Providing real-time network and security monitoring
  • FireEye

    Protecting your most sensitive network information
  • Verizon Business

    Securing client information at 1M events per second
  • Xoom

    Securing mobile money transfers worldwide

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