Generative AI and Elastic: Unleash the power of your data and safeguard privacy

While AI provides answers to critical business challenges, it also raises questions. Which provider do you partner with? What data do you unlock? How do you manage privacy and other security concerns? How do you keep up with an accelerated rate of change while protecting your business from the inevitable pitfalls of any new technology?

At Elastic, we've built AI into each of our solution areas, making it easy to integrate powerful large language models (LLMs) into your operations. We're building generative AI (generative AI) solutions with a privacy-first approach to make data both available and secure. With this approach, you can help your teams fully leverage generative AI's potential — and do it faster — while safeguarding private data and avoiding AI hallucinations created by false or inaccurate data.

With Elastic Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you combine Elastic's superior search capabilities and the power of AWS infrastructure and AI/ML-managed services, enhancing the speed, scale, and relevance at which you can innovate with generative AI.

You'll learn about:

  • Accelerating results with vector search
  • What makes Elasticsearch different
  • Elasticsearch meets Amazon Bedrock

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