Building search in the age of generative AI: A blueprint for success

There’s never been a better time to create exceptional search experiences. By leveraging the capabilities of LLMs and generative AI, we can predict user intent, improve relevance, surface timely content, and even provide human-like responses.

But one size doesn’t fit all for search. You can utilize out-of-the-box technology, build your own with feature-rich, custom design and functionality, or anything in-between.

Discover the blueprint for planning, designing, and building a search experience that meets your users’ needs, your team’s resources, and (of course) your budget. With an overview of the latest tech and real-world case studies that highlight what’s possible, you can envision your future search experience and bring it to life.


  • See how top companies are incorporating AI-driven enterprise search architecture to drive user engagement
  • Discover the options for integrating generative AI and LLMs into your search function
  • Get an overview of optimal data ingestion and enrichment practices for search
  • Understand how to mitigate concerns surrounding privacy, observability, and monitoring to gain organizational buy-in

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