Where in the World is Elastic? - Elastic Los Angeles User Group Meetup

Welcome to Where in the World is Elastic!

Find out which Elastic events and meetups are happening near you in the next two weeks.

Upcoming Events

North America 

April 18: Percona Live Santa Clara

April 19: AWS Summit Chicago

April 20-22: Devoxx France


April 19: Code.talks Berlin

April 19: Devcon Luminis - Ede, The Netherlands

April 23-24: PyCon Ukraine


April 21-23: QCon - Beijing,China

Upcoming Meetups

North America

April 13: Elastic Los Angeles User Group - Santa Monica, CA

April 14: GDG Sacramento Meetup - Sacramento, CA

April 18: Elastic Chicago User Group Meetup

April 19: Elastic Phoenix User Group

April 19: Elastic San Francisco User Group

April 19: Women Who Code Austin

April 20: Elastic Los Angeles User Group - Santa Monica, CA

April 20: Elastic Minneapolis User Group


April 12: Node.js Vienna Meetup

April 12: BDOOP Meetup - Dublin, Ireland

April 14: Prague Ruby Meetup

April 14: Search Meetup Karlsruhe

April 14: IT Talk Kyiv

April 16: Istanbul PHP User Group - Istanbul, Turkey

April 19: Elastic Paris Meetup

April 19: Amsterdam Java User Group

April 20: Elastic Switzerland Meetup - Lausanne

April 20: Liferay Budapest Tech Meetup

April 20: Big Data DataSci Meetup - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

April 21: Madrid DevOps Meetup


April 21: Elastic Melbourne User Group

South America

April 21: PanamaJS Meetup

That's it for this week. Stay tuned next week for more Elastic happenings.

- The Elastic Team

P.S. Contact us if you're interested in hosting a meetup or are giving a talk about Beats, Elasticsearch, Logstash or Kibana – we can offer support and send you swag!