Where in the World is Elastic? - BreizhCamp

Welcome to Where in the World is Elastic!

Find out which Elastic events and meetups are happening near you this week. 

Upcoming Events


March 23-25: BreizhCamp - France 

Upcoming Meetups

North America

March 21: Elastic San Francisco Meetup

March 21: Noisebridge Hackerspace Meetup - San Francisco

March 22: Seattle Elastic Meetup

March 23: Elastic Los Angeles User Group Meetup

March 23: Elastic Austin User Group Meetup

March 24: Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup

March 24: Elastic Boston Meetup


March 23: Elastic London User Group Meetup

March 24: Hadoop User Group Grand Ouest - Nantes, France


March 23: Elastic Sydney Meetup

That's it for this week. Stay tuned next week for more Elastic happenings.

- The Elastic Team

P.S. Contact us if you're interested in hosting a meetup or are giving a talk about Beats, Elasticsearch, Logstash or Kibana – we can offer support and send you swag!

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