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Logstash 1.5.0 RC4 released

A short post to announce the 4th release candidate for Logstash. This release fixes important bugs which were reported with RC3. Head over to the changelog for the details or download RC4!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression in filter chaining introduced in RC3. This affected filters which flush periodically like multiline and metrics. (#3100)
  • Lumberjack Input: in a back pressure scenario, this plugin did not properly timeout connections, causing Logstash Forwarder to constantly reconnect and send messages. This led to increased memory usage and potentially crashing Logstash. As a first step, users can configure an upper limit on the number of Lumberjack connections after which no new connections will be accepted. The default is set to 1000 connections. We will continue to iterate on improving the solution to this problem (#3003)


Please download RC4, try it out, and provide your feedback by opening an issue, contributing pull requests on GitHub or tweet to us.

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