Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Dec 10th, 2018

Welcome to Kibana weekly update!

Please note: we are removing PhantomJS in 7.0! This is a breaking change. In 6.3.0 and above, Chromium was the default option for Reporting’s headless browser, and now it will be the only valid option.  See the PR:


Roadmap themes updates

Alerting service

Investigated the implementation of a SecretStore. Detailing tasks and organizing phases to be done to get alerting service implemented. Currently looking at delivering secret store, action service, task manager, and alerts.



  • More testing, code reviews
  • Improvements to geohashgrid styling


  • R&D into automating the fixing of invalid geometries for region boundary layers

Kibana  6.6 prep

  • Work on EMS 6.6 version bump continues
  • Improving messaging around zoom-levels, and investigate how Kibana can show feedback if a tile-server it not accessible
  • Fix regression in 6.x/master (no impact on users) #26868

Canvas integration

Trigonometry Functions in TinyMath

Rob Bruce from Crimson Mccaw was awesome enough to introduce a whole host of trig functions into TinyMath, the mathematics library that Rashid and Catherine wrote to replace MathJS in Canvas and was later brought into TSVB. Specifically Rob needed to do things like calculate the arcs in the customizable SVG elements he created for Canvas.

He also wrote tests and docs:

Plotly Experiments

Robert had a bit of time to have some fun,so he created an all-new render function that uses Plotly to render stunning charts using the standard Canvas data model. This sort of thing tracks beautifully with our goals of Canvas being simple, flexible and personal. Robert knows and loves Plotly, and it didn’t take long for him to bring that into Canvas.

Take for example, the violin chart:filters

| demodata
| pointseries x="project" y="price" color="project"
| plotly "violin" title="Violin plot"
| render

The only thing that changed from a regular-plain-ol-Canvas chart, was line 4 of the above expression. Plotly just slots right in!


monfera Pipeline just worked ™

    Team summaries


    We worked with the Creative Services team to update EUI’s palette to better match the upcoming brand changes. This results in a much brighter / poppier feel to everything. There’s a big PR coming soon that will incorporate these changes and we’re using it as a time to do some more aggressive house cleaning, removing large piece of the legacy KUI codebase. We’re also moving full-steam ahead into typescript and you can see a combined effort from the Kibana, SwiftType and Cloud teams to migrate over. Oh yeah, SwiftType will soon be using EUI in production!


    Some new card flourishes added to EuiCard


    Some changes were made to how we handle breadcrumb truncation. They now are no longer truncated per item, but are truncated as space allows.


    Some subtle changes were made to how browsers deal with text wrapping within table cells. You can read more about it here, but the changes should be invisible to most.


    • Add card graphics #1338
    • Convert EuiScreenReaderOnly and EuiBadgeNotification to TS #1341
    • Convert EuiColorPickerSwatch, EuiColorPickerEmptySwatch, EuiComboBoxTitle, and EuiDelayHide to TypeScript #1342
    • Better breadcrumb truncation #1346
    • Fix word-break in tables on most browsers #1349
    • creative + product coloring #1356
    • Add react-datepicker as an eui package #1337
    • EUI 5.6.0 #26839
    • [Canvas] Make selection border 1px #26739



    • Create vendor dll for the client modules (#22618)
    • Add normalizePath in order to fix watch optimizer when running on windows (#26486)


    The initial work for new saved objects import / export API has started. This includes gathering requirements for the new API, investigating existing saved objects import / export functionality and designing an export implementation that can handle large amounts of data.


    • Add rest_total_hits_as_int into kibana platform (#26432)
    • Fix saved objects client _processBatchQueue function to handle errors (#26763)



    • We're hiring

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