Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Nov 12th, 2018

Here is a quick update on what Kibana team has been working on last week.

Oh by the way, we are hiring!

Key theme updates


Granular Application Privileges progress continues! The PR to allow features to define their own privileges has merged; and the PR to allow features to be hidden per application with a Basic license is going through review. A PR to disable certain UI capabilities based on privileges is also going through review.

Alerting Service

After reviewing our notes from other teams we talked to we updated our phase 1 plan with necessary capabilities for developers in order to make the service usable. You can critique the changes to phase 1 through the meta issue on github.

K7 design

This week Dave merged ML conversion to SASS (that was a BIG PR!). We are also continuing work on converting filter bar to EUI:



  • Continue to work on styling
  • Improvements to join-functionality
  • Added UX controls for setting extent



Canvas Integration

Planning week! We re-evaluated, but mostly reaffirmed our feature plans for 6.6 and GA in 6.7, but it’s not like we did nothing but meetings. That just isn’t our style…

URL Parameter support

Joe introduced URL parameter function support and wildly simplified the code around our router. You can once again pass parameters directly from the URL anywhere into a Canvas expression. Oh look, there’s Internet Explorer. Hi there Internet Explorer.


Persistent Grouping

Robert is getting closer to supporting fully persisted groups of elements. Elements are selected by holding down shift, clicking a bunch of them, and hitting the `g` key. 

Workpad Templates

Workpad templates are coming along. The first phase will allow for plugging in new templates on the filesystem. For example, a Kibana administrator could drop a JSON file on the disk and others would simply be allowed to clone it into Elasticsearch.

We’re also working to add thumbnails now, and we anticipate adding support for auto-generated thumbnails to saved workpads in the near future.

New Visualization Editor

This week the editor design incorporated field statistics similar to those found in discover and machine learning. This will help end-users get a quick glance of their data without the need to swap between discover and visualize.


Team summaries


The team continues the ever-lasting SASS conversion, working our way into the ui/public and ui_framework (KUI) folders. TSVB got a small facelift during its conversion #24250 (though there’s a small style bug with combo boxes that has fix in the next EUI release). The global date picker in EUI got it’s final round of visual patterns implemented. Hopeful that it will get logic hookups in the coming weeks. We are continuing to test EUI for Framer by adding more components. Typescript in EUI continues.

Spaces and the upgrade checker are getting some copy changes. 6.5.1 release notes are being finalized along with a blog post for rollups.

EUI is at 5.1.0


  • Added support for nodes as "Action" column headers in EuiBasicTable, which was overlooked in the original change in 4.5.0 (#1312)
  • Updated GlobalDatePicker example to include all Kibana features (#1219)
  • Fixed fullWidth size of EuiComboBox, a regression introduced in 4.7.0 (#1314)
  • Improve TypeScript definitions for EuiTableRowCellProps (#1310)
  • TypeScript types are now published to a eui.d.ts top-level file (#1304)
  • Introduce TypeScript support into the dev & build systems (#1317)



  • Run jenkins:unit task with dev flag in order to run license check (#19832)
  • Fix recent non-conforming licenses (#25560)
  • Remove Husky (#24887

KibanaApp (Visualizations, Sharing, Discover)

The team focused on finishing several bug fixes for 6.5.1. Other work included fixing reporting tests, working towards using canvas expressions for all visualizations, localization code reviews, and the EUIfication of the filter bar. Here is a screenshot of the progress so far:


  • changing (#25280)
  • [I18n] Rename 'i18n-context' to 'i18n-description' in Timelion help (#25637)
  • [I18n] Inject Intl Polyfill to PhantomJS (#25465)
  • fixing map bounds (#25040)
  • Timefilter should return strings instead of moments (#25625)
  • Ensure custom set axis titles are preserved when loading a saved vis. (#24176)
  • Remove experimental flag from Visual Builder (#25634)
  • Add href option in addition to onClick (#25233)
  • Combine common pdf png functions (#25152)
  • [Bug] Fixing flash of unstyled dashboard content (#25559)
  • [I18n] Translate Timelion (#23880)
  • [Flaky test fix] Turn back on data_shared_attributes test (#25156)
  • Fix timelion issue when elasticsearch.shardTimeout is 0 (#25461)
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