Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for September 17, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

Hiring - 7 Openings!

Canvas Beta is coming in 6.5!

We done merged it! Canvas is now part of the core Kibana repository and we’ve already started reaching out to customers that have expressed interest in contributing to let them know it’s open season on getting great ideas into Canvas.

What is Canvas? Wait what? I don’t even. Look, here’s Alex Francouer explaining it at ElasticON Boston. He does a great job of breaking it down into use cases, functionality, and fun tricks. 

Speaking of use cases; we have been cranking away on creating wonderful content for Canvas, including new usecase workpads like this fancy (work in progress) example for operational analytics. Check out that little flame chart.

flame chart.png

Rollup support in Kibana

The Rollup Job Wizard is fully operational! Rollup job configuration is complex and this wizard simplifies the process for our users so they can move through it confidently and quickly to begin rolling up data. We’ve completed its functionality and are now incorporating design feedback and soliciting review from our copywriters and localization teammates. Select parts of the UI will undergo additional polish, such as the cron pattern input, and then we’ll move into QA and test coverage.

rollup wizard.png

We’ve also been making progress integrating rollup data with our visualizations and dashboards. This entails visually labeling dashboard panels which contain rollup data, gracefully degrading the parts of our UI which don’t play nicely with rollup data (like the query bar and filter bar), and chasing down and squashing the inevitable bugs. The bottom line? Crafting a great user experience for a feature which touches almost every app in Kibana is hard but we’re making it happen!

Spaces are in review

Spaces is ready for review! We finished up our two pending PRs this week to secure access, and to enable space-aware advanced settings, and we’ve completed our test suites. We have one outstanding task to check if users have any access to Kibana, but we’ll complete this once the Elasticsearch APIs are in place to support it.


Check out the new getting started with Kibana webinar using 6.4, the webinar is 30 minutes long and shows how to create a new visualization, create a dashboard, start a trial, and use our commercial offering including reporting, alerting, and security.

Other work completed


We’re working towards our longer term projects. The Sass conversion continues with a big merge in the visualization app. We’re making our way into Machine learning and then hopefully will have a more global system ready to start converting over most of ui/public. On the EUI front we added a bunch of new abilities to Table actions and the Search Bar, allowing our friends in cloud to build out more advanced filtering in their infrastructure views. We also added a new Facet Button component to help out as well. The filter and query bar patterns were merged in and along with it some changes to the ways we handle context menu animations.

  • Table actions visibility #1103
  • Accessibility/tables #1181
  • Global patterns for query and filter bar #1137
  • Add EuiFacetButton #1167
  • Allowing context menu panels to have different widths #1173
  • Another fixer PR #1188
  • Combobox fixes #1183
  • Better support for string values in search queries #1189
  • IE11 doesn't support document.contains() #1190


  • Removing extraneous whitespace characters between attributions in attribution string in map visualization (Fixes #21612) (#22003)


  • Improved the accessibility of Advanced Settings 
  • Made it easier for users to opt-in to telemetry when they update their X-Pack license.
  • Localize JobDetails tabs of Rollup Job Wizard (#23020)
  • Add Terms, Histogram, Metrics, and Review steps to Rollup Job Wizard (#22984)
  • Fix _source formatting (#22800)
  • Add date histogram step to Create Rollup Job Wizard (#22789)
  • Patch for rollup visualizations not rendering (#22784)
  • A11y fix for advanced settings (#22969)
  • Add telemetry opt in to license upload and start trial (#22925)

Kibana Apps (Visualizations, Sharing, Discover)

  • KibanaApp
    • Remove nesting-indicator directive (#23180)
  • Discovery
    • Expose `max_concurrent_shard_requests` for `_msearch` requests(#22379)
  • Visualizations
    • Removing extraneous whitespace characters between attributions in attribution string in map visualization (Fixes #21612) (#22003)
    • Visualize LESS to SASS (#22679)
    • Remove nesting-indicator directive (#23180)
    • hierarchical response handler rewrite (#22578)
    • fixed editor state updates for parent pipeline aggs (#22874)
    • fixing sorting of terms bucket (#22919)
    • changing the way aggconfig field filter works (#22756)
    • decouple agg configs from vis (#21827)
  • Sharing
    • Bring back most of the filtering tests, only bypass the known current issues (#22787)
    • bump EUI to 3.11.0 (#22745)
    • Migrate reporting top nav to sharing context menu (#22596)
    • translate tutorials(aerospike_metrics, apache_logs, apache_metrics) (#22875)
    • Default to chromium and add deprecation warning for phantom. (#21505)
    • Controls vis - safely handle case where value can not be extracted from Kibana filter (#22885)
    • Translate Input Control component (#22400)


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