Keeping up with Kibana: The week of August 13, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


We have these open positions on the Kibana team.

Kibana - Senior JavaScript Engineer

Kibana - Software Engineer in Test

Kibana - Tech Lead (Platform)

6.4 is out!

For the overview of changes, see the release blog.

We have also posted this blog to help you with migration of custom plugins.


Spaces, Spaces, Spaces! This past week, we continued securing Spaces and have a majority of the functionality itself complete with high-level API tests. The unit tests still need to be created and updated, but we believe that we’ve uncovered and solved all of the major challenges with securing spaces. The new UI for managing Space related privileges is going through review as well! The next major hurdle that we’ll be dealing with is the few outlier Advanced/UI Settings that can’t or shouldn’t be space aware: the telemetry opt-in and the e-mail that is used to send monitoring cluster alerts. We’re currently iterating on the approach and will hopefully have a final decision shortly.

Accessibility Compliance

We are continuing to work on WCAG A level issues found in 6.3. We hope to be done with all the fixes and enhacements by 6.5.


Please check Canvas blog for Click through select and other cool features the team has been working on.


The team is working on parsing the server side code in order to understand which are the node_modules used by the server that should not be deleted even if they got bundled by the client vendors dll.



  • Maps now load deprecated tilemaps entries correctly #22095.

Elastic Maps Service

  • The new version of the EMS file service, which supports versioning of data and manifests, as well as reduces the code footprint, has merged (#17). Doing integration testing right now.
  • Data production: continued work on UK layer, but seems wikidata will not be usable. Will look into data from National Ordnance Survey next as possible source.



    • [docs/vis] document Top Hit metric agg (#20433)
    • Fix selecting time range in embedded mode (#22053)
    • ReactVisType VisFactory - pass appState to Component (#21974)
    • Fix Heatmap limited custom ranges (#21958


Kibana team

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