From Charity to Security: Elastic Search Awards Feature Awesome Use Cases

Who doesn’t like great examples of how the Elastic Community embraces the Elastic Stack?

More than 30 organizations and individuals in the Americas region have applied for an Elastic Search Award honoring those who use the Elastic Stack for philanthropic, novel, or business-evolutionary purposes.

This year, we’ve expanded the Elastic Search Awards, formerly known as the Elastic Cause Awards, to recognize more than just the organizations using the Elastic Stack for the betterment of the human condition. We’re now celebrating companies performing something totally unique or unheard of with Elasticsearch, in addition to recognizing organizations that have dramatically transformed their businesses with the Elastic Stack.

With the judging process still ongoing, we’re keeping the applicants’ names top secret. But we wanted to provide you now with a brief, high-level overview of some of the submissions before our judges finalize their decisions.

We will officially announce the Americas honorees and provide an overview of their use cases at the Elastic{ON} Tour San Francisco on February 28, 2019. Honorees receive a one-year Elastic Online Training Subscription, three complimentary Elastic{ON} Tour San Francisco admission tickets, as well as a dedicated booth at the event to share their project with the Elastic Community.

We’re still accepting applications for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region through July 31 as well as for Asia Pacific and Japan until later on in 2019.

Cause Awards

We received six applications in this category.

Some of the projects include protecting the elderly from phone scams and helping people choose philanthropic organizations for charitable giving. Another use case involves a web application allowing the mapping and monitoring of cultural heritages across the globe. One application details a data-driven method for analyzing and managing diabetes.

Judging Criteria

  • Impact: The project has a measurable and sustainable impact on the subject populations. The project is doing identifiable good in the world.
  • Reach: How big is the community that this project is serving? Consider the scope of change made possible by the use of the Elastic Stack.
  • Emotional and Empathetic Connection: The project should evoke an emotional response and, along with it, should inspire empathy towards the operator or the end subject of the project.

Cluster Awards (Technology Innovation)

We received 10 applications in this category.

An e-commerce company built a visual search system on top of Elasticsearch to match customers’ textual queries. A cable company developed a Security Operation Center to detect escalation of privileges, inappropriate use of services, insecure protocols, and malware infections.

Tech companies partnered with the United States Patent and Trade Office to share documentation, white papers, and other material to help block patent trolls from acquiring patents that are common practice in the tech industry.

Judging Criteria

  • Catalyzing: The project has inspired or helped change the way problems are approached and solved.
  • Originality: Never-before-thought-of, unique use case or application of the stack, making the impossible possible, or just making you say “Wow - that’s some really cool sh*t.”
  • Risk Taking: These types of projects aren’t easy and the answers don’t come quick. The truly innovative projects require iterations, experimentation, and a leap of faith that the Elastic Stack would be the engine that powered the successful solution.

You know, for Search! Awards (Business Transformation)

We received 16 applications in this category.

One tech company has employed the Elastic Stack to cut down and detect the fraudulent downloading of their software. A cable company says the Elastic Stack, by producing insights into the performance of its video-on-demand service, has made its customers much happier.

A branch of Brazil’s government is now able to track, in real time, a list of people who are waiting for health procedures, exams, medical appointments, or surgeries at several local public healthcare facilities across the country.

What’s more, because a security firm employs Elasticsearch, its clients don’t have to spend hours combing over spreadsheets trying to figure out what vulnerabilities require their attention first — they can quickly and easily visualize what their risk looks like and where they are most vulnerable. A mobile broadband company uses the Elastic Stack to power a new app that renders unique, personalized experiences for every customer.

Judging Criteria

  • Sustainability: This project shows a strong potential for growth, including long-term viability, scalability, and adaptability for seen and unforeseen business change.
  • Value: There is an important need or desire being fulfilled by this project. There are distinct added company benefits such as allowing the company to differentiate from previous operations-industry standards, cost-saving and revenue-producing influence, and creating competitive advantages.
  • Collaboration: The project has enabled the company to break down silos, uncover new company-wide insights, provide a holistic data view, and take action on all.

The Judges

Now might be as good a time as any to give a shout out to our judging panel:

  • Nancy Gohring covers application and infrastructure performance for 451 Research, including IT monitoring, application performance management, and log management.
  • Rich Horace is senior director of DevOps at Nativo, a native advertising startup in Los Angeles.
  • Tom Davis is the founding executive director and chief information security officer of OmniSOC.
  • Leah Sutton is the vice president of human resources at Elastic and is responsible for all facets of HR.
  • Steve Kearns is the vice president of product management at Elastic, focusing on Elasticsearch and commercial products.

To all of the applicants: Good luck!

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