Elevate your ELK Stack skills with Elastic’s new flexible annual training subscriptions

We’re always updating our software to make Elastic products and solutions even better. This includes stamping out bugs, expanding and refining features as well as unveiling new ones.

As Elastic’s features, use cases, and customers grow, we’re seeing a greater demand for flexible training offerings that enable users to build and develop critical skills. In response, we’re introducing a brand new approach to our year-long training subscriptions.

Don’t worry, all of our on-demand and instructor-led classes are still being taught and crafted by Elastic’s professional, in-house training experts. What’s changed is that Elastic training subscriptions now come in three different tiers to accommodate different learning styles.

This provides new levels of flexibility that enables our users and customers to learn core Elasticsearch skills and go deeper on more focused topics as data science, logging, metrics, APM, advanced search, and security analytics.

Elastic training subscription tiers

All three tiers — Basic, Standard and Professional — provide learners with all of our on-demand, lab-based classes. These include our most popular Engineer and Kibana classes, which are recommended to prepare for our performance-based Elastic Certified Engineer and Elastic Certified Ops Analyst exams. Additional features and ways to learn — including live, instructor-led virtual classes — are available as you move from tier to tier. Best of all, subscribers get access to new classes brought to market during their subscription period, regardless of tier.


The Basic plan offers on-demand, self-paced training courses without any interaction with our instructors. With this annual subscription, you learn when and where it’s convenient for you. And, for the first time, our Elasticsearch Engineer I and Elasticsearch Engineer II courses are available in the on-demand format and are included with this subscription.


The Standard tier includes everything offered in our Basic plan, plus live sessions with our instructors and other exclusive benefits.

Maybe there’s something you just don’t fully understand or couldn’t grasp that was being taught in the on-demand courses. With this subscription, we offer one-hour Q&A sessions with our Elastic trainers hosted in a live, virtual setting. Pretend you’re a journalist at a news conference and throw your toughest Elastic tech questions at us. Our professionals will hit you back with the answers.

Subscribers to the Standard tier also get two exam attempts to become certified as an Elastic Certified Engineer and/or an Elastic Certified Ops Analyst. The Standard plan also includes one practice exam.


The Professional package includes everything in our Basic and Standard packages.

In addition, Professional subscribers enjoy live, instructor-led classes in a virtual setting. This means you can can engage with and be taught by our instructors from the comfort of your home or office. Your seats in our virtual classes are guaranteed even if the class is already full.

Our virtual classes are perfect for students who want to learn with the guidance of an Elastic instructor. The live environment allows you to ask questions and helps you build the essential skills that are taught in our Engineer I, Engineer II, and Kibana Data Analyst classes. It's also a great way to prepare for Elastic certification exams.

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Our performance-based exams are tough and not everybody passes the first time. But once you do, it pays huge dividends. So that’s why Professional package subscribers get four certification exam attempts that can be used for the Elastic Certified Engineer exam, Elastic Certified Ops Analyst exam, or any new exams we introduce during your subscription period. You also receive two practice exams so you can experience the testing environment risk free.

What’s more, the Professional tier includes early access to our ever-expanding roster of new classes to keep up with our technology as it advances. These new courses will initially be taught to our Professional subscribers in a live, virtual environment before they are opened up to our Basic and Standard subscribers in an on-demand format.

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