Elastic donation helps upgrade AbilityNet expert resources


Every year AbilityNet helps hundreds of thousands of disabled people use digital technology to achieve their goals at work, at home and in education. Although thousands of people use our face-to-face services and call our free telephone helpline, our web-based resources are the number one way for people to access to our expert knowledge. That’s why the support of Elastic was so important to us.

The website offers free access to our expert resources and knowledge. That could be downloading factsheets, reading our blogs, attending our free webinars or using My Computer My Way - our guide to every accessibility feature built in to every mainstream desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. As a charity we need to continually invest in these expert resources and recent funding from Elastic will help us reach even more people.


Elastic is a fast-growing technology provider of search, logging, and analytics software, used by some of the biggest businesses in the world to power a huge range of services. From live trading data used by banks to the Guardian newspaper’s live content, their tools are designed to take data from any source and search, analyse and visualise it in real time.

A key part of its success is that Elastic works with a huge community of developers who actively grow the open source tools at the core of the Elastic services. Nurturing this community has been a vital part of its success and the Elastic team recently hit the road for a whistle-stop global tour to connect with users and share knowledge.

Each conference of the Elastic{ON} Tour featured a charity partner and AbilityNet was chosen as the beneficiary for the London event.


Head of Marketing Mark Walker attended the event on behalf of AbilityNet:

We want to say a big thank you to Elastic for choosing AbilityNet. Not only did we receive the ticket money paid by delegates but we also had a chance to tell people about our work, learn from the case studies, and network with some amazing people."

This support will help upgrade My Computer My Way, our interactive guide to the accessibility features built into every mainstream digital device. So many people can benefit from small changes and My Computer My Way is a unique source of practical tips and advice - whether they are changing the font size in a Windows PC, setting up speech recognition on their Android smartphone or changing the speed of their mouse on a Mac."

"Elastic is at the cutting edge of knowledge solutions so this is a great fit with our desire to share the expertise that helps disabled people harness the power of technology.

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