Easily share Kibana assets with elastic-package


An invaluable way to share best practices across your company, teams, and network is by sharing assets. We will present the export option of the elastic-package tool that will make your asset sharing as easy as ABC. In this guide you will walk through the elastic-package export option and learn about sharing and spreading useful dashboards.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, try to repurpose the work that has already been done. Some Kibana dashboards have already been created for you, but why not share yours as well.

Dashboard creation and export with elastic-package

To begin we will need to locally start a full elastic stack in order to access Kibana UI.

julienlind@MacBook-Pro elastic-package % elastic-package stack up -d -v

“stack up” will start all needed containers, the -d option will let it run as a daemon process and the -v will allow verbose logging.

When everything is ready, you should be able to access your local Kibana at this url:
(Username: elastic - Password: changeme)

Now it is time to create our own dashboard. As discovered in the blog post called Create your own integration We will enable ipfs node integration. (This integration is not mandatory, you can use any integration you want.)

Integrations can be enabled at the following address:

Now we will create our first dashboard.
Dashboard are available under Analytics/dashboard menu.

Creating our first dashboard

Now you can create your own by clicking on “Create dashboard” button.
Customize your dashboard and when you are done, save it.

In the screenshot below I have a simple data visualization based on records count.

data visualization

Now that your dashboard is saved, switch back to your console and type the following command. (Note that this command should be run in your customer package folder - here ipfs_node)

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