Keeping up with Kibana: The week of June 25th, 2018

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New Inspector replaces Spy panels

The visualization spy panels have been removed from Kibana and replaced by the new Inspector feature.


The Inspector shows more accurate data, such as all requests that have been made for a visualization. You can trigger the Inspector for visualizations from different places. For example, on dashboards you can find the trigger in the panel menu:


In the visualization editor, you can find the trigger in the top menu:


The most important changes are:

  • The data displayed is more accurate, showing the actual requests that have been made for the given visualization.
  • For visualizations that do multiple requests (currently if you enable "Other Bucket" on a terms aggregation), we now show all requests in the Requests view of the Inspector.
  • The new design is Kibana 7-aligned.
  • The Inspector can contain different views depending on what element you inspect. Currently, a Data view (tabular data) and Requests view are available for all classical charts. But because the available views depend on the inspected element, don't get confused if, in the future, some charts show views other than charts.
  • The Inspector is intended for temporary analysis of a visualization. Therefore, we no longer store any of it's open state in the URL.
  • The Inspector is no longer available in the Discovery tab. The data that was shown there was incorrect, so we removed it for now.

You can see more details in the Inspector PR #16387 and in the Inspector developer documentation. These changes will be released in 6.4.

Other news


It's been a busy week for the design team. We cleaned up and improved our fixed positioning service (note the position of the arrows over each hover) that we use to calculate positions of popovers, tooltips, and dropdowns. We also got a Super Select dropdown and new Range component lined up for EUI. Also, EUI is now at 1.0.0 and has a new release script tool.

Other PRs

  • Refactor EuiTabbedContent to track its selected tab by name #931
  • New popover positioning service and updated EuiToolTip #924
  • New section in the Component Development doc on how to test with Kibana #934
  • Release script update to choose how to bump the version #944


We merged a few more cleanup PRs for the Console: #20151#20013#19928


We have a backlog of PRs we’re reviewing, four of which encompass the last remaining tasks before we can push the new platform on the server. We had to adjust our plans a bit for rolling out the new platform in the UI to effectively handle legacy global plugin behaviors between the old and new platform.


  • Upgrade to RxJS 6 #18885
  • More detailed messaging in the event of a plugin build failure #20110
  • Pre-commit now shows all errors across all tasks #19271
  • Properly update plugin status when license changes to prevent race condition that locked x-pack in a red state #20018


Here are the main PRs we addressed:

  • Add isBeta flag to add data module schema #20049
  • Continue to typescriptify dashboard and reporting #19857, #20061
  • Migrate dashboard save error from old toast message to new EUI toast #19956

Overall, 17 PRs had activity this last week!


This week we merged the new Inspector (#16387), which replaced the previous existing spy panels. 

Other PRs

  • Fix filtering on other bucket outside of vislib #19860
  • Skip flaky vega test #20127
  • Fix one inspector test #20072
  • Fix prop type check in MetricVisValue #19991
  • Fix broken migration for old gauge format #19853

Until next week,

Kibana Team