Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for May 28, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

One-click sample data

The highlight of this week is the new Sample Data set on the home page. This new feature allows for a one-click getting started experience users new to Kibana. Users can load a constructed Flight data set that includes a pre-packaged dashboard and experiment with Kibana without having to go through the process of loading data themselves. Here is what it looks like after loading:Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.48.57 PM.png

Clicking the "Launch" button shows the pre-packaged dashboard:

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.49.58 PM.png

See 17807 for more details.

Canvas technology preview

Canvas is getting a facelift!

In the oncoming weeks, we're converting all our UI components to EUI (Elastic's in-house UI framework). Most recently we merged a few changes to the workpad header as well as workpad & page settings for the next release! Here's a sample of what's in store:

May28 canvas facelift.png

We are also working on new layout engine that will let you easily move, resize and rotate elements in Canvas. The version we have now is just ok, but we've been working on an all new version that is looking amazing. The first iteration of it will be functionality identical to the current system, with the addition of keyboard commands, but our team has built all sorts of awesome stuff under the covers. Like these rad 3D transforms:

May28-canvas layout engine.gif

Check out more Canvas news here

Other enhancements and bug fixes


Spaces:  we are making progress on Reactifying the existing role management screen.

RBAC: We’re in the process of splitting out the platform specific PRs that enable RBAC. A number of them have been merged, others are still in review, and a few more are soon to come.

  • Introduced the concept of SavedObjectRepository which will assist with implementing spaces and securing the SavedObjectsClient for RBAC #19013
  • Implemented consistent multi-type SavedObjectsClient.find which is currently used by saved objects management and will allow us to secure it for RBAC #19231


On the EUI front, we are making good progress making EUI fully compatible with React 16.3. We have also added the much requested Button Groups / Toggles.

We also:

  • Updated EuiSearchBar to React 16.3 lifecycle #863
  • Fixed EuiComboBox focus trap #866
  • Added support for custom props for rows in EuiBasicTable and EuiInMemoryTable. #869
  • Made 15 more small changes


  • Option to run Kibana from build for CI #19125
  • Removed custom tslint overrides for kbn-system-loader #19336
  • Removed custom tslint overrides for kbn-pm #19335
  • Removed the tslint requirement to prefix interfaces with an `I` #19402
  • Upgraded eslint-plugin-no-unsanitized to support runtime `import`, which we’ll need for application bundles in the new platform #19315


Added validation of the current node version #19154

Sharing enhancements and bug fixes

  • Converted Dashboard “Add Panel” to EUI PR 17374
  • Fixed copy to clipboard IE bug PR 19281

Visualizations bug fixes

  • Axis Labels Filter - better geometry assessment #16130
  • Fixed rendering markdown when updating open in new tab setting #19356
  • Don't show toast warning in filter agg #19255
  • Fixed flaky load discover search #19265


  • Account for cluster level settings for Watcher UI #19121
  • Saved objects UI in React! #17426, #19193
  • Ensure index patterns leverage existing optimistic concurrency #18937

Until next week,

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