Elastic Workplace Search content sources

Easily search across popular content platforms

Take the hassle out of searching for relevant content across all of your applications by connecting them seamlessly using the Elastic Workplace Search library of built-in connectors.

Create a single source of truth with Workplace Search.

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In 7.10, our Workplace Search content source library expands again with Slack, plus document-level permissions for Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Sharepoint.


The Workplace Search content source family

Automatically capture, sync, and index the content and key info for all your content sources.

Elastic Workplace Search Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server connectors


Spaces, pages, blog posts, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Dropbox connector


Stored files, metadata, and more
Elastic Workplace Search GitHub connector


Issues, pull requests, repos, and more
Elastic Workplace Search GitHub connector


Subject line, email content, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Google Drive connector

Google Drive

G Suite docs, stored files, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Jira Cloud and Jira Server connectors


Epics, projects, issues, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Microsoft OneDrive connector


Stored files, metadata, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Salesforce connector


Contacts, opportunities, leads, sandboxes, and more
Elastic Workplace Search ServiceNow connector


Users, incidents, articles, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Microsoft SharePoint connector


Sites, stored files, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Slack connector


Channels, conversations, and more
Elastic Workplace Search Zendesk connector


Ticket content, status, priority, and more


Connect to anything with custom sources

Have a homegrown data source or a legacy application you need to search? Leverage our prebuilt custom API source capability to connect simply and easily, and allow your teams to search across those proprietary sources just as easily as your other mainstream applications.

2 + 2 = 5

Better together

There's valuable insight and content in every application your team uses. But that information really shines when it all comes together and is easily accessible to those who need it. That's why Workplace Search makes it easy to search across all of the sources in your organization — no matter how obscure — and customize relevance by role.

Personalized Relevance

Custom-fit search experiences

With customizable relevance tuning by role or team, you can personalize search results and make them more meaningful for everyone from development to engineering to sales. And with enhanced security features, you can ensure that everyone sees exactly (and only) what
they should.

Search across all your content

Unify all your content platforms into a personalized search experience.