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What’s New with Shield and Watcher 2.0

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Uri Boness

Founder and Engineer



We're thrilled to announce the release of Shield and Watcher 2.0. This is the first release of these extensions that is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.0. Beyond Elasticsearch 2.0 compatibility, Shield and Watcher 2.0 introduce several new and exciting features, expanding the security and alerting capabilities respectively.

Join Uri Boness, Commercial Products Engineering Lead, for a webinar and Q&A session covering what’s new with Shield and Watcher 2.0 including:

Shield (for security)                                                  

  • Extensible Realms
  • Field and Document ACL
  • User Impersonation

Watcher (for alerting)

  • Slack and HipChat Integration
  • Array Compare Condition
  • Watch De/activation

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