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Using the Elastic Stack for Sensor Data, Telemetry, and Metrics

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Geoff Bernard
Geoff Bernard

Solutions Architect



Telemetry data is everywhere. From sensors on valves in a refinery to motion trackers on robots on a factory floor, there are numerous real world telemetry examples driven by the rise of sensors and other instrumented things. See how Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash work together with alerting and machine learning.

This webinar will illustrate how you can use data to better understand the state of systems, troubleshoot when “things” go wrong, detect and alert on anomalous patterns, and quickly understand and report on information to drive good decisions, by looking at:

(1) common architectural patterns in the field

(2) a demo of live streaming utility load data

(3) a demo of getting business value from measurements of oil well production data

Along the way, we’ll observe the benefits of leveraging the Elastic Stack for speed of thought search and visualization of data, and also discuss the ability to automate interesting moments within a system.

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