The "Why and What" About Python in Elasticsearch

Join us for a deep dive into Python and Elasticsearch. During this webinar, Honza Kral, lead developer for our Python language client, will explore a variety of topics including:

Language specific clients in Elasticsearch:

  • What led us to develop our own clients
  • What is the "base philosophy" behind them

Honza will use Python as an example to further explain Elasticsearch's philosophy of client design and how that translates in terms of code and usage with the Elasticsearch Python client:

  • Overall design
  • Supported use-cases
  • Customizing the client

Honza will also discuss how Elasticsearch designed the client to be 1-to-1 with the API, ensuring maximum flexibility to accommodate most use cases out of the box, while still allowing users to replace any component when needed. He will wrap up with an exploration of the future of the Python Elasticsearch client, as well as other language specific clients and the Elasticsearch API.

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Honza Král

Honza is a Python programmer and Django core developer – since he is scared of the bright and shiny world of browsers, designers, and users he prefers to stay buried deep in the infrastructure code and just provides others with tools to do the actual site-building. Since 2008 Honza has been building content web sites for fun and profit. During this time he discovered Elasticsearch which lead to him joining the company behind it in 2013 to work on the Python drivers.