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Structuring and Processing data for Observability

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Muhammad Sarwar
Muhammad Sarwar

Education Engineer



Properly parsing and structuring your data is an important first step in building an efficient and effective observability solution using the Elastic Stack.

In this webinar, we will explore concepts from the all-new Elastic Observability Engineer course, including how to process and structure data using a variety of common processors. Our expert instructors will demonstrate various solutions and built-in features that convert, enrich, process, and structure different types of fields from unstructured data. In addition, we will show how to create your own pipeline of processors for transformations that are not possible using the prebuilt processors.


  • Introduce common ingest processors to parse unstructured data into structured data
  • Discuss best practices for dissecting, converting, and enriching your fields
  • Explore different scenarios that require either a built-in processor or a pipeline of processors for certain types of unstructured data

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