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Peel Back the Layers of Your Enterprise with Elastic and Security Onion Hybrid Hunter Beta

Hosted by

Doug Burks
Doug Burks

Founder and CEO

Security Onion Solutions, LLC

Michael Young
Michael Young

Principal Solutions Architect



Security Onion, a free and open source platform for threat hunting, enterprise security monitoring, and log management, started integrating the Elastic Stack in 2017 and has continued to improve their integration over the years. In this webinar, we'll provide a brief overview of the Elastic Stack and take a look at the current Security Onion platform and its Elastic integration. You’ll also get a sneak peek at Hybrid Hunter, the next generation Security Onion platform that’s container-based and includes the latest version of the Elastic Stack, initial Elastic Common Schema (ECS) support, CommunityID support, and more. See how you can peel back the layers of your enterprise with Elastic and Security Onion Hybrid Hunter Beta.

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