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Observability for Microsoft Azure with Elastic

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Loek van Gool

Solutions Architect



Maybe you use Microsoft Azure and have heard of or used Elasticsearch as a search engine for applications. Perhaps you’re familiar with the ELK Stack as a logging solution. Or maybe you have already deployed Elastic on Azure (or are planning to). With Elastic, you can bring logs, metrics, and APM trace data into one place. But did you know that you can also use Elastic to observe your Azure resources?

To learn more about how Elastic brings observability to Microsoft Azure, join us for this webinar and see how Elastic can help you get better visibility into your applications, systems, and services deployed on Azure. We'll be using the easiest and most efficient way to get Elastic up and running: Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, which recently became available on Microsoft Azure.


  • Deploy a cluster on the Elasticsearch Service
  • Collect observability data using Beats
  • Explore ways to analyze your data and reduce MTTR
  • Ask me Anything with Elastic solution architects

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