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Mitigating business risk with open source and the Elastic Stack

Hosted by

Steve Mayzak

Field CTO


Ken Westin

Director of Competitive Intelligence



In both the 2000 and 2008 recessions, open-source software thrived. In difficult economic times organizations tighten their belts; there is less money to borrow for capital expenditures, yet the demand for business continuity and solutions persists. It is in these times that businesses quickly learn what technologies are essential to their operations. The businesses that survive and even grow identify ways to cut costs, invest in their people, and continue to innovate.

In this webinar we will discuss the role of open source in the past two recessions, as well as strategies that can help organizations survive the next economic downturn.


  • Advantages of migrating from closed source proprietary software to an open source data platform
  • Leveraging cloud to mitigate supply chain risks, decrease costs, and increase uptime
  • Understanding the Elastic Stack for observability, security and enterprise search
  • How customers such as Box saved money migrating from Splunk to the Elastic Stack 
  • Online educational resources for getting started with the Elastic Stack and other tools

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