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Launch and Evolve Your Elasticsearch Deployment

Hosted by

Salvatore Vadacca

Christian Dahlqvist

Solutions Architect



It’s no secret that Elasticsearch is easy to get up and running. Often, users get started solving one problem, say application search, and find they can tackle many more use cases, like log analytics, multi-language search, geospatial applications, and more. That’s what makes us, you know, elastic.  

In this webinar, Christian Dahlqvist, Elastic Solutions Architect, will present best practices on how to easily get up and running with Elasticsearch. Salvatore Vadacca, Technical Team Leader, at JobRapido, will showcase real life examples about how JobRapido leveraged and expanded their Elasticsearch usage, from storing key values to:

  • Searching across multiple languages (18 languages in 58 countries)
  • Using the Elasticsearch percolator feature for job classification
  • Managing and organizing job locations with path analyzers

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