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Kibana for business analytics: real use cases, tips & tricks

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Alona Nadler
Alona Nadler

Senior Manager, Product Management


Yoav Derazon
Yoav Derazon

Director, Product Management



More and more users are turning to Kibana for visualizing and reporting on business metrics — from clickstream data for analyzing website traffic to monitoring revenue and sales data to reporting on product telemetry KPIs that are crucial for business.

At Elastic, we use Kibana to visualize and report on a variety of KPIs. In this webinar, we’ll share how we use Kibana to drive business decisions for our Elastic SaaS business, leveraging the speed and scale of Elasticsearch along with Kibana visualizations. We will also cover tips and tricks for business analytics use cases, including special visualizations, indexing data, and presenting data to senior management or peers in a beautiful and actionable way using Canvas.


  • See how we use Kibana to inform business decisions for our Elastic SaaS business
  • Learn how to track KPIs, metrics, and goals using Kibana
  • Pick up some tips and tricks for advanced business calculations
  • Share your data in beautiful real-time displays using Canvas

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