On-demand webinar

Introduction to Logstash


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Aaron Mildenstein
Aaron Mildenstein


During this webinar, Aaron Mildenstein, a developer at Elasticsearch, will share a brief presentation as an introduction to Logstash, and then show a live demo.

The demo portion will go from "bare-metal" to fully-installed and functional Logstash with searchable results in 15 to 20 minutes (even with running commentary and explanation!) to showcase just how quickly and easily you can start to gain value from the data in your logs.

Install and configure Elasticsearch and Kibana in minutes!

Configure Logstash:
  • Inputs: Simple file tail configuration to start capturing your logs in mere moments.
  • Filters: Learn about grok and how to configure some of the value-adding filter modules available.
  • Outputs: Simple Elasticsearch output configuration to enable easy storage and searching of your logs.
Kibana: How to get started visualizing the data you now have in Elasticsearch.