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Introduction to Elastic Security

Hosted by

Tristan Ahmadi

Principal Solutions Architect



If you’re security-minded but not yet using the Elastic Stack or Elastic Security, then this webinar is for you. Security teams have used the Elastic Stack for years to extract valuable security insights from all their data, regardless of type. This foundational visibility has enabled these teams to solve complex security problems, including threat hunting and a broad number of SIEM use cases.

Built by the creators of the Elastic Stack and powered by contributions from the open source community, Elastic Security builds on the power of the Elastic Stack to deliver pre-built capabilities that help security teams to evolve even faster. Elastic Security enables a unified approach to security, out of the box — with the benefits of speed, scale, and relevance inherent to Elasticsearch.

Learn how Elastic Security can help you to:

  • automate threat detection to identify priority issues before damage occurs
  • leverage machine learning to improve accuracy at scale
  • customize workflows and visualizations to accelerate investigations and response
  • collaborate with case management and third-party integrations to increase team efficiency

We will cover the fundamentals of why the Elastic Stack is ideal as the foundation for security use cases, and show a demo of key capabilities in Elastic Security.

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