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Introduction to Elastic Observability

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Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart


Do you use APM traces, logs, infrastructure metrics, or security data in your work? Instead of duplicating your data in multiple systems, remove the barrier between observability and security and review your data from multiple perspectives on the same platform.

Discover how Elastic Observability and the SIEM capabilities in Elastic Security can keep you doing good work with faster insights and fewer barriers. This session will talk through ways to maximize utilization and adoptions of investments, returning ROI to business teams and the company.



  • Bring your logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack so you can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment.
  • Build dashboards and visualizations to detect undesirable behaviors (like service downtime, errors, and slow responses) and have actionable information to pin down root cause in an effective manner (e.g., detailed event logs, granular resource usage information, and application traces).

Security analytics:

  • Explore your security data with SIEM to triage events and perform initial investigations.
  • Respond to threats in real time — whether in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments.

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