Ingesting More with the Elastic Stack

We realize you have acres of data, and Elastic has the right tools to ingest and unify everything to your desire. Come join us to learn more about the Elastic ingestion suite and some use cases you can leverage to drive additional value.  We’ll stitch together popular data sources and show how to keep your in-flight data safe with our security features and integrations.

  • The data ingestion journey with the Elastic Stack
  • Logstash and Beats use cases - you know, for ingest...
  • Securing your data flow from end-to-end
  • Hadoop & friends
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Alvin Chen

Alvin Chen is a tech geek by passion and travel addict by devotion. As a member of the product management team at Elastic, he focuses on Logstash, Hadoop ecosystem integrations, and overall data ingest strategy. Previously, he was responsible for the Hadoop portfolio at Teradata and hacked Big Data solutions at Hewlett-Packard. He holds a Computer Science B.A. from UC Berkeley.

Suyog Rao

Suyog Rao is a Logstash Team Lead with Elastic. Suyog develops for the Logstash project, supports customers, and trains users on the Elastic Stack. Previously, he worked on a high-throughput, low-latency infrastructure for ingesting and analyzing terabytes of log data using Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, and Storm.