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How CDL developed a real-time data intelligence platform with the Elastic Stack

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Matt Houghton

Application Services Manager



CDL is a top UK tech firm, listed in the Financial Times Future 100. It processes vast amounts of consumer data in milliseconds to help financial services and other industries combat fraud and learn consumer habits. Hummingbird is a real-time data intelligence platform that CDL developed using the Elastic Stack to provide data-driven insights to their customers.

In this webinar, CDL shares how they developed and delivered Hummingbird in under 8 months. They also give a demo of how Hummingbird performs in production and how CDL’s DevOps team uses key AWS services, Elasticsearch and Elastic machine learning features to continually improve the service.

Based around JAVA microservices the CDL team developed loosely coupled components that communicate via a publish/subscribe message queue. These are implemented in an automated way using infrastructure as code.


  • Pick up architectural best practices for AWS and learn how to use these to move quickly to production
  • Understand how to get insights from your data using the Elastic Stack
  • Learn how to use data to detect suspicious behaviour, improve the customer experience and inform pricing

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