Getting Started with Alerting for Elasticsearch

Watcher, the alerting product for Elasticsearch, makes it easy to push notifications based on anomalies, patterns, or changes in your data over time. This introductory webinar will provide a high level overview of Watcher, and will include a live walkthrough of creating alerts. 

Join Steve and Tyler (of Elastic, not Aerosmith, fame) as they show how to install and configure alerts based on metrics data collected from Beats.

Highlights include:

  • Installing Watcher
  • Creating your first alert
  • Debugging and testing your alerts
  • Setting up notifications via email, PagerDuty, or Slack

Follow along with the webinar, by downloading the example watches and the watcher dashboard.

Also, did you know that alerting is available immediately in Elastic Cloud, our hosted Elasticsearch & Kibana service? Check out a free trial.

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Tyler Hannan

Tyler Hannan is Director of Product & Technical Marketing for Elastic. With a career that has spanned the private and public sector, large enterprises, consulting, and startups of varying success, he has maintained a focus on distributed systems, data persistence, and analysis. He finds talking about himself in the third person incredibly uncomfortable.

Steve Kearns

Steve is director of product management, focused on Elasticsearch and commercial products at Elastic. Prior to Elastic, he worked at DataGravity and Basis Technology, where he designed and deployed text analytics and search technologies to solve interesting problems for some of the world's most successful companies.