Getting Started with Logstash: 0-60 in 60

Logstash is the central dataflow engine in the Elastic Stack for gathering, enriching, and unifying all of your data regardless of format or schema. The real-time processing is especially powerful when coupled with Elasticsearch, Kibana, and also Beats. In this video, Logstash creator and Tech Lead, Jordan Sissel, and Sr. Product Manager, Alvin Chen, give an overview and demo on how to get started with Logstash. 

Highlights include:

  • Logstash pipeline concepts and terminology
  • Internal architecture and important settings
  • Plugins ecosystem and management
  • Installing and running Logstash
  • Common use cases
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Jordan Sissel

Jordan Sissel is the Logstash Creator and Tech Lead for Elastic. Jordan is the lead developer of Logstash. While living in Silicon Valley, he tinkers with computers and practices hate-driven development (working on computers makes him less grumpy). When he's not hacking, he loves doing awesome things as a dad and husband.

Alvin Chen

Alvin Chen is a tech geek by passion and travel addict by devotion. As a member of the product management team at Elastic, he focuses on Logstash, Hadoop ecosystem integrations, and overall data ingest strategy. Previously, he was responsible for the Hadoop portfolio at Teradata and hacked Big Data solutions at Hewlett-Packard. He holds a Computer Science B.A. from UC Berkeley.