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From observability to a scalable solution for unified security with Spike Reply

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Felix Rössel

Senior Solutions Architect


Thorben Jändling

Sr. SA / Global Sec. Specialist Group



Along with our partner Spike Reply we invite you to register your interest for our back-to-back observability & unified security webinar. Spike Reply has a track record of successfully accompanying companies on a journey that oftentimes starts at centralizing their logfiles and ends with fully managed security services. Learn how this can be done based on the power of Elastic.

The first hour of the webinar is designed to give a comprehensive overview of Elastic and our Observability solution and especially useful if you are not familiar with us yet and/or early in your journey towards a security solution. We will focus on logs, metrics, traces and uptime metrics and how they play a key role in every modern IT operation through monitoring the availability, health and performance of applications end to end.

Building from this we will use the second hour to introduce you to the latest and greatest Elastic has to offer in the unified security space. The webinar will be based on the real world attack scenario posed by APT34 and cover the latest Elastic Security features, including data ingestion and enrichment, threat detection and investigation, threat hunting, custom rule creation with actions, and rounding up incident response with case management.

Learn how Spike Reply can lead you from centralizing logs to utilizing our security technologies, such as source integrations that normalise events to ECS, GeoIP and other event enrichments, Machine Learning, SIEM detection engine, Super-timelining, Case-management, and so much more.


  • How to index and search security-related information and enable security analysts to work more efficiently.
  • How Elastic’s Endpoint Security works to detect sophisticated host level attacks, and how we can respond to these threats.
  • How to use Kibana features to provide wide visibility and enable interactive threat hunting.
  • How the Elastic machine learning engine can automate the analysis of complex datasets, making it possible to spot potential security anomalies.
  • How the Elastic SIEM helps you to analyse host and network security event analysis and how to get to the bottom of an alert.

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