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Extracting Insights from Publicly Available Information to Eliminate Blindspots


With so much valuable information created and shared through social media, news, and textual media every day, the ability to analyze that information and extract insights from it can give you an advantage over unseen and unknown forces. But the sheer amount of information and complexity of natural language can make this challenging.

The Elastic Stack is a powerful platform for collecting and analyzing news and social content to glean insights into what’s happening, what you should watch, and which direction things are moving. The unique combination of Elastic’s search engine, analytic APIs, and visualization applications simplify discovery and reduce barriers to entry for new users. Learn how to use full text search, aggregations, and database semantics in the Elastic Stack to enrich and analyze textual media, produce insights, and eliminate blindspots.


  • Collecting and analyzing large quantities of natural language data
  • Extracting insights from social media, news, and other textual media
  • Using Elastic capabilities like full text search and aggregation to eliminate blindpots

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