New in Elasticsearch Service: Hot-Warm Architecture, Machine Learning, and more

The just-released version Elasticsearch Service introduces many new features and customization options that optimizes for more use cases and simplifies operations for larger deployments. Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is the official hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering from Elastic (the makers of Elasticsearch).

Engineers and product managers from the Elasticsearch Service team rundown the latest features and show them in action.

Highlights Include:

  • Deployment templates automatically matching your use case to the right hardware
  • Support for hot-warm architecture, including index lifecycle management
  • Machine learning features, including anomaly detection & forecasting
  • Auto provisioning of dedicated master nodes

The webinar will also cover the new pricing model, that brings a lower starting price and increased transparency.

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Roy Zanbel

Roy Zanbel is a Sr. Product Manager in Elastic Cloud team. Roy started his career in the field of physical and digital surveillance, working on large scale security projects around the world. He has since spent a few years in the CI/CD space, empowering companies to make the world a better place one release at a time! Since joining Elastic Roy has focused on Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Roy has a big soft spot for IoT and been part of different project along the way. When not hacking something he can be found at the beach, surfing, sailing, or doing anything to do with salty water.

Jose Ignacio Gil Jaldo

Jose Ignacio is a Software Engineer at Elastic Cloud and joined the team in 2017. Beginning his career as an IT Consultant, he has spent the last 6 years working on Internet companies and startups in Berlin (Germany). His skills focus on the backend side of things and building scalable and robust platforms.