Elasticsearch Query DSL: Not Just for Wizards

The Elasticsearch Query DSL is a rich, flexible, powerful query language for full-text and structured search. In this webinar, Clinton Gormley (who is pretty much an Elasticsearch wizard) explained the Elasticsearch Query DSL from the ground up including: 

  • Filters and queries in an inverted index
  • Relevance score calculations
  • Combining the filter/query building blocks into complex statements
  • Pitfalls of multi-field queries and how to avoid them
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Clinton Gormley

Clinton Gormley was the first user of Elasticsearch and wrote the Perl API back in 2010. He is a co-author of Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide, and spends most of his time designing the user interface, specifying new features, and triaging GitHub issues. He studied medicine at UCT in Cape Town and now lives in Barcelona.

Alan Hardy

Alan is a Solutions Architect based in London. Before joining Elastic, Alan worked as a consultant and a developer, flirting between: Financial, Media, Web and Telco industries for the past 15 years. He even enjoyed some time surveying in the Canadian Rockies for kicks. He is a long time user of Elasticsearch, and now works closely with customers to get the full power out of the ELK stack to meet their needs.