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Elastic Uptime: Actively Monitor the Availability of Your Systems and Services

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Dov Hershkovitch
Dov Hershkovitch

Senior Product Manager



Web applications continue to rely on an increasing number of services, both internal and external. Operation teams face a wider footprint of things to monitor that are not all in their control. By using the new Elastic Uptime solution, they can detect when services are down or responding slowly. With alerting, they can get proactively notified even before those services are called by the application. If you are already sending logs and metrics to Elasticsearch, the new Uptime solution expands your observability effort into a new dimension. If you’re new to the Elastic Stack, Elastic Uptime is a great way to get started with observability.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The benefits of actively monitoring the services you rely on
  • An overview of the Elastic Uptime solution
  • How to configure Heartbeat to send uptime data to your Elasticsearch cluster (on prem or in Elastic Cloud)
  • How to take advantage of machine learning and alerting with your uptime data

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