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Elastic Agent & Fleet: How to get started

10 a.m CEST / 9 a.m GMT

Hosted by

Mikkel Kidmose

Senior Solutions Architect



A critical challenge when adopting a monitoring or security solution is the time it takes to deploy agents and manage them at scale.  

Beats are our existing solution for shipping data to the Elastic Stack, today users must edit YAML files and upload them to all their servers. 

In this webinar you will learn how this process is simplified through Elastic Agent our single, unified agent for logs, metrics, APM traces, synthetics, and securing your system. 

Furthermore you will learn how the new Integrations app provides a web-based UI in Kibana to add and manage integrations for popular services and platforms and how the Fleet app helps you manage Agents at scale and assign policies to them.  


  • Learn how Elastic Agent can help you observe and protect
  • Learn how Integrations help manage different data sources
  • Learn how Fleet helps you with centralized management of Elastic Agents

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