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Catch up on all things Elastic Observability with these webinars.

Introduction to logging with the ELK Stack: A primer for beginners

Join us as we go over the basics and show you how to get started using the free and open Elastic Stack for your log and metrics analytics — the first steps on the path to observability.

Highlights include:

  • Data ingest using Filebeat and Metricbeat
  • Intro to security, keystores, and access control
  • Dashboards and visualizations in Kibana
  • Dedicated Logs and Metrics apps
  • Beyond logs and metrics: Observability with the Elastic Stack

Kubernetes and Elastic: From operation to observability

Learn how to streamline operations for Kubernetes and Elastic and explore our free and open Elastic Observability product.

Highlights include:

  • Elastic’s position in the CNCF landscape
  • Running the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes
  • Demo: How to deploy, secure, and upgrade Elasticsearch with ECK
  • A primer on using autodiscover in Beats to monitor your dynamic workloads
  • Walkthrough of the observability experience on top of Kubernetes

What's new in Elastic APM? A whole lot!

Learn about new agents, support for new frameworks, and additional features like aggregate service breakdown charts, sample configuration right from the free APM app in Kibana, and, of course, the long anticipated .NET agent.

Highlights include:

  • New agents and supported frameworks
  • Improved administration
  • Additional troubleshooting capabilities
  • Integrations with logs, metrics, and uptime solutions

Additional Resources:

Want to try it for yourself? Take some of these features for a spin with a free trial of our Elasticsearch Service.

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