Elasticsearch & Cassandra: A Postcode Anywhere Story

Performing millions of address lookups every day for over 9,000 customers is no small feat. In addition, an exceptional level of service and the analysis of customer satisfaction is very crucial, too. Postcode Anywhere, one of the largest SaaS businesses in the UK, is up for the challenge. Hear from CTO Jamie Turner on how they do it using Elasticsearch in conjunction with their internal analytics system Triggar, Cassandra, Spark, and Kafka in a .NET environment.

Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is the CTO and co-founder of both Triggar and Postcode Anywhere. Jamie holds a first-class honours degree in Computing Science from Aston University, where he received a faculty accolade for 'an outstanding contribution to technological innovation'.

Morgan Goeller

Morgan Goeller is a Principal Solutions Architect for Elastic, focusing on real-time analytics and visualization. He has been in the tech industry for more than a decade, working with customers in Digital Marketing, Telecommunications, Energy, and Healthcare. Morgan has also been a Data Scientist and has a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Scientific Computation.