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Elastic featured in Microsoft's Partner Showcase

Hosted by:

Michael Heldebrant

Michael Heldebrant

Ph.D, Distinguished Architect


Brian  Hitney

Brian Hitney

Cloud Solution Architect



Episode 1: Intro to Elasticsearch with Microsoft

Search is more important than ever in the world of AI, semantic search, and natural language processing (NLP). We've partnered up with Elastic to go over some fundamental concepts. In this first in the series, Elastic distinguished architect Michael Heldebrant presents a primer on Elasticsearch, and how it represents JSON-based documents. If you are new to Elasticsearch or would like a refresher, check out this episode!

Episode 2: Data Chunking with Microsoft

Continuing our Partner Showcase series with Elastic, this episode discusses data chunking, and how it relates to semantic search and natural language processing. Taking large documents and breaking them into smaller chunks of data (such as sentences or paragraphs) can improve semantic search by building vectors from these fragments. See how this applies in Elasticsearch in our "Too Much Turkey Tech Talk."

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