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Automation, Insight, AI: The Strategic Importance of a Data Fabric for Security

The Elastic InfoSec team is responsible for securing Elastic’s globally distributed, remote-first workforce, and the planet scale, multi-cloud, Elastic Cloud platform. Taking data driven approaches beyond the SIEM and applying them to the full scope of our InfoSec program, the resulting data fabric is the bedrock upon which insights, automation and AI can flourish. Learn how this approach has increased Elastic InfoSec visibility and enabled the team to distribute security responsibilities across the organisation, exponentially expanding our capability to protect Elastic from the threats of today and tomorrow, and establishing a robust foundation for AI implementation.

Hosted by:

Anthony  Scarfe
Anthony Scarfe

Director, Information Security, Deputy CISO


Anthony is the Director of Information Security Assurance and Deputy CISO at Elastic, where he leads a globally distributed team within the CISO organization.Before joining Elastic, Anthony worked for Nestlé at their headquarters in Switzerland, where he moved from Infrastructure Security into Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and now enjoys bridging the spaces between engineering, security and the business.He has implemented and achieved certification for Information Security Management Systems on five continents, coaching diverse groups of new security leaders to achieve sustainable success.

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