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Elastic Stack 7.17をリリース

Elastic Stack 7.17には高性能な最新のアップグレードアシスタントが搭載されています。手順のガイダンスと自動修正機能を通じて非推奨設定の問題解決を支援し、次のメジャーバージョン、8.xへの安全なアップグレードをサポートします。


Elasticsearch、Kibana、Elastic Cloud 7.16:統合により実用的なインサイトをさらに取得



What’s new in Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud for 7.15

Elastic Cloud customers can now ingest data more simply, quickly, and securely, and the latest updates to the core Elastic Stack provide users with new tools for maximizing performance and exploring their data.


10 common questions answered with formulas and time travel in Kibana

Kibana advanced analytics features enable you to tackle time series and geospatial data questions. Learn how to use formulas for calculations like ratios, week over week, deviations, and others — plus Elastic Maps tips for time / space questions.


What’s new in Kibana 7.14: Formulas and time shifts for richer ad hoc analysis

Kibana 7.14 delivers more capabilities to easily compare data from different time periods and reshape your data by authoring metrics and editing maps. Elastic Agent, the unified agent, and Fleet, the Kibana app for centralized management, are GA.


What’s new in Kibana 7.13: With great power comes great data exploration

Kibana 7.13 introduces the ability to create, edit, and remove fields as you go, giving you more flexibility in ad hoc analysis and faster speed in workflows. Also, the Elastic Maps Server and supervised machine learning are generally available.