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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Elastic Training Courses

Elastic offers training courses worldwide. We deliver a classroom instructor-ledor on demand. You may find a description along with a course outline on our website.

Instructor-led in Classroom Training

Virtual  Classroom Training

On-demand Training

All on-demand training courses are available for 90 days and the date will be outlined on your purchase confirmation.


Private Training

All public training courses are also available for on-site training anywhere worldwide.

Private trainings are available in-classroom or virtual classroom.

To request a private training, please complete our Contact Us form.

Check the box for "Interested in Training," and "Tell us a little more about how we can help you" by providing the details below:

  1. Training course(s) selection
  2. City/State/Country where trainings will be delivered
  3. Approximate target month/year to be delivered.
  4. Number of attendees


Elastic training provides annual online training subscriptions with both instructor-led virtual classroom training as well as self-paced on-demand training.  You will have 360 days to learn anything and everything about the product stack.

In order to provide you with pricing for a subscription please contact us directly.

A subscription package includes access to all virtual classroom trainings which are offered worldwide during 2 or 4 consecutive days for 4 hours. Courses are available in different time zones.  On-demand training courses are self-paced and can be consumed at any time during the 365 days of your subscription period.

The virtual classroom uses lots of JavaScript. We recommend that you disable any ad-blockers (some interfere with the virtual classroom) and that you restart your Web Browser before logging in.

Once you have purchase a subscription package a welcome letter and invitation will be sent in order for you to access your catalog of courses which will include access to:

If you have additional questions you may reach out directly to training@elastic.co

Descriptions and Outlines

Please visit each Learn More page on our website for descriptions, outlines and requirements available by course at https://www.elastic.co/training.

Recommended Courses

There is very little overlap between the concepts and material in our training courses offered. Taking all courses offered will only help, not harm.

Instructor-led Classroom or Virtual Trainings

Prerequisites are available in each course description and a brief description below. Please read them in detail before purchasing. Comfort using the terminal or command line is recommended for all trainings.

The virtual classroom uses lots of JavaScript. We recommend that you disable any ad-blockers (some interfere with the virtual classroom) and that you restart your Web Browser before logging in.

Elastic Stack Workshop

No prior knowledge of the Elastic Stack is required. Elastic Stack: Logging on-demand is also an option instead of attending this public course.

Core Elasticsearch Developer

No prior knowledge of Elasticsearch is required. Students should be software developers familiar with programming concepts. Students should be familiar with running a command line or terminal.

Advanced Core Elasticsearch Developer

Attend the 2-day Core Elasticsearch Developer course, or possess equivalent Elasticsearch knowledge.

Advanced Elasticsearch: Data Modeling

Advanced Elasticsearch: Data Modeling requires completion of "Core Elasticsearch: Developer" or prior experience and knowledge of analysis, mappings, and searching in Elasticsearch.This course is often taken in conjunction with Core Elasticsearch: Developer, which typically is delivered in the two days prior to this course and is a great way to ensure preparedness for this advanced course.

Kibana Workshop

No prior knowledge of Kibana or the Elastic Stack is required

To be respectful of all students time in our classes we do not go over student specific data models and scenarios, but make a best effort to have such discussions during breaks as time permits. We offer consulting services for those who would like to have more in depth one on one consulting of that nature.

Virtual Classroom Training

We offer all public instructor-led classroom training in a virtual training classroom and pre-requisites will be the same. Delivery duration and requirements might differ so please visit the Learn More page for each courses.

On-demand Training, have no pre-requisites.

If for any reason you encounter any technical difficulties please email training@elastic.co with the following information:

To: Training@elastic.co
Subject: Course Name - (On-Demand)
Please provide any details on what went wrong including screenshot to expedite resolution.

Pricing and Discounts

Please visit our course catalog for pricing in different locations and currencies. We accept payment by credit card or purchase order.

  • On-demand training is priced at $400.00 per day.
  • 1-day courses are priced at $800.00 dollars.
  • 2-day courses are priced at $1,600.00 dollars.

A 10% or 15% off early bird discount is available during the first two weeks after initial release of our monthly schedule calendar. Additional discounts might be available on our website per course and will be outlined on our course catalog.

Seat(s) must be purchased under the same order to reflect the correct discounts.

If you do not see your discount please contact us at training@elastic.co before proceeding with your order and payment.

Bundles automatically apply to your order as follows:

  • 3 days of training 10% off per seat
  • 4 days of training 15% off per seat
  • 5 days of training 20% off per seat (only available in specific locations)

Elastic is not able to accept payments from government agencies or other entities issuing training credits at this time in order to pay for training. Companies have submitted payment either via PO or credit card to secure their seats in our training and once they received an invoice they have been reimbursed by their government agency directly.

Sold Out or Wait List

Sold-out courses are not available for registration but you may add yourself to the waitlist. If a seat becomes available, a notification email will be sent to those waitlisted and seats are allocated first come, first serve.

Please note: we are unable to add additional seats as our venues / training facilities restrict the number of seats that are allocated in a training room.

We are sorry if we couldn't accommodate your request at this time, and hope to see you in one of our future training classes in the area.

Terms and Conditions

Contact Us

For any training inquiries or instructional technical difficulties please email us

If for any reason you encounter any technical difficulties please provide us with the following information:

Course Name
Delivery Method: Instructor-Led / On-Demand / Virtual
Order Number
Please provide details on what went wrong including screenshot to expedite resolution.

Our training help desk will automatically generate a case in order to assist you and you should receive a response within 24/48 hours. Please keep your case number as a reference.

Another option is via our "Contact Us" page. Please provide the required information and check "Interested in Training" to make sure your request is routed to us appropriately.

In the "Tell us a little bit more about how we can help you" section, provide additional details about your request or question and we'll respond to your inquiry within two business days.



Registration and Payment

Login Information

Elastic training department uses an online automated system for all registrations. This system allows you to purchase and register for courses 24/7. In order to sign up to our Elastic training, you are required to create an account in our system by selecting "Sign Up" at https://training.elastic.co/login.html.

Returning customers may login at the bottom of the page under the Login section.

*Important* Do not create duplicate accounts with different email addresses, as you will not be able to see your history.

If you create a duplicate account under a different email address, please contact us at training@elastic.co and we will assist you merging your accounts. Please let us know which email address you wish to keep in use.

For future use, your dedicated username and password, will allow you to make additional purchases, change your personal information, retrieve training materials, and logistics information for the courses you are enrolled in.

If you need assistance to access your account, please email training@elastic.co or you may select to reset your password via our websiteand click on "Forgot your password?".

Login Screen


Reset Password


Purchasing and Enrollment Confirmations

All registrations must be processed via our website at training.elastic.co. You may select to create a user account now before or during the checkout process.

From the catalog select the trainings you wish to purchase. To enroll for another course, you may select "continue shopping", or if you like to add another participant, please select "add another participant"

*Important* if you are registering on behalf of someone else:

  • You must enter each participant unique email address during the registration process.
  • The order confirmation will be sent to you and not the participant attending the training.
  • Registration confirmations will be sent to each participant.

The system will create a user account by participant email address. Each participant will receive a registration confirmation with the course name, date, time and location and other logistic information before attending the course.

To complete your order, please proceed to checkout. Payments are available with either credit cards or purchase orders. Order and registration confirmations are automatically email.

Please keep these documents for future reference as they contain important information. A copy of all confirmations can be obtain in your inbox when you log into training.elastic.co.

Order Form


Registration Confirmation


Account Profile and Inbox


Payment by Credit Card

We accept credit card payment, including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.  

If your credit card is declined:

  • Contact your credit card company to verify your credit limit has not been exceeded
  • For your security Credit /Debit cards with pin numbers are not accepted. Contact your credit card company to remove this pin if you wish to use your credit/debit card.

Payment by Purchase Order

We understand that procuring a PO number may take some time. That said, Elastic requires payment by purchase order are received no later than the Thursday prior to the start of the course in order to confirm your seat.

Please register through training.elastic.co. During the checkout process enter your PO number. If you need to create a quote in order to procure a purchase order prior to to submitting your order please follow the instructions under Quote to Order Process available on this FAQ page.

Once you have submitted your order, an order and registration confirmation number will be sent automatically.  A formal invoice will be sent within two business days of your registration confirmation to the billing address and email provided.

You must send a copy of your purchase order with your order confirmation number to orders@elastic.co no later than the Thursday prior to the start of the course. Once payment is received your seats are confirmed.


Vendor & Invoice Information

If your company or procurement department requires a vendor form or bank information prior to submitting an order please submit your request to billing@elastic.co with a copy of your order and your order number in the subject line.

All purchases automatically receive an order number and confirmation email.

If you submitted payment with a purchase order:

  • You will automatically receive an order and registration confirmation number.  A formal invoice will be email within 2 business days with your order number, bank payment information and any VAT taxes outlined if applicable for European residents.

If you submitted payment with a credit card:

  • Your order confirmation message will serve as an invoice. If you need a formal invoice, please email billing@elastic.co.

Quote & Order Process

You may create a quote by logging to training.elastic.co and adding the seats to the shopping cart and selecting "Save as Quote."

The quote will be saved under your profile and you will receive a copy via email or your Quotation and email confirmation which should be used by your purchasing department in order to issue a Purchase Order or receive management approval before purchasing seats.

*Important*  A quote DOES NOT confirm or reserve seat(s) in a training course. You must process your quote into an order and submit payment for seats to be confirmed and allocated in a training course by the Thursday prior to the start of the course.


Quote Confirmation


Quote Email Confirmation


When you are ready to pay for the seats, login to training.elastic.co or click on the link in your quote confirmation email and process your quote into an order. Your quote will be saved under your profile. Click on the Shopping Cart icon on the top right hand corner and then select "View Quotes."


Select the quote and click on "Pay Quote." This will return your items back to the shopping cart and you will be able to process your quote into an order to confirm your seat(s).

*Important* Prices are valid for 30 days.

All seats need tobe processed with a unique email address per participant in order to proceed with the purchasing process.

If a discount is not applied to your quote / order, please contact training@elastic.co for assistance.



Policies and Logistics

Cancellation Policy

All payments and fees are non-refundable. It is expected that participants review the course descriptions and schedules in advance of purchase or registration.

Registration for all training courses closes 2 days prior to the start of the class and no further changes will be made.

No-shows for confirmed registrations will not be refunded and are not eligible for transfer or postponement.

Transfer or Postponement Enrollment

All transfer and postponement of enrollments  must be requested via email at training@elastic.co with at least (7) seven business days written notice prior to the start of the course. You may transfer your enrollment from an in classroom training course to a virtual delivery course and vice versa as long as the currency and subsidiary where you purchase the course are the same. Please contact training@elastic.co if you would like a confirmation on which courses are available.

For transfer of enrollment please provide participants:

  • First and last name
  • Email address of the person replacing you in class
  • Order number

For postponements please provide:

  • Course name
  • City / State / Country
  • Date of training you wish to attend
System Requirements

All training courses require students to bring their own laptop. If you wish to rent a laptop, Elastic training will assist you by providing information from vendors where you may rent a laptop if requested two weeks prior to the start of the course at training@elastic.co.

All system requirements are available on our "Learn more" pages on our website under prerequisites.

Browser Recommendations

Students having browser issues that are not responding please follow the recommendations below. First clear cookies, cache and to try again and/or we recommend to try a different browser with the specified versions outlined below:

As of October 6, 2016 the following browsers are supported.

Google Chrome: Latest stable version supported.

Verified with version 53.0.2785.89

Mozilla Firefox: Latest stable version supported

Verified with 49.0

Safari: Latest stable version supported on Mac OS X only

Verified with version 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Latest stable version supported

Verified with Edge 13 and Internet Explorer 11.0

Playing content for on-demand trainings

If you are having problems playing content on Firefox but not on chrome or IE,  often the cause is the flash plugin specific for Firefox. In this case please use the following link as reference:


Course Materials

Participants will receive an email 48 hours prior to the start of the course with detail instructions on how to access/download materials on our training portal.

Materials will be available for two months which are accessible through training.elastic.co.

Please check your junk or spam folder if you do not receive this email from training@elastic.co.

Our training materials are for registered Elastic training attendees only. Please reference the Public Training Agreement in your registration confirmation email.

The virtual classroom uses lots of JavaScript. We recommend that you disable any ad-blockers (some interfere with the virtual classroom) and that you restart your Web Browser before logging in.

Material Email Confirmation


Dashboard Instructions for Materials

Please login to training.elastic.co with your username and password. (See login instructions above.)

On the main dashboard under My Learning > Current > View Details, you will be able to access the information for the course along with the materials.

After your training is completed you will have the content available on the dashboard under My Learning>Completed>.



Venue Address Information

Once the training location is confirmed, we will send an email notification to all registered participants with the name, address and parking information.

Once a location is published to our website, we make every effort to keep it. Sometimes, we encounter unforeseen circumstances and we have to change the location to a nearby city due to venue availability.

Should the city location change participants will be notified approximately 15-20 days prior to the start of the course, if not sooner.

Dietary Restrictions

Please send your dietary requirements to training@elastic.co five days prior to the start of your course training to include:

  • Registration number
  • Date of training
  • Location of the training in your request

We provide a vegetarian option for all of trainings.

Certificate of Completion

Elastic training will provide a certificate of completion once the course is completed. Your instructor will take enrollment at the end of the course, and an automated email will be sent with a link and instructions on how to download your certificate. You can also log into training.elastic.co to download a copy.


Email Verification

In order to verify your account, the main dashboard will display a resend verification email. Click on this link and you will receive an email invitation with the link for verification. A confirmation will be displayed on the dashboard upon completion.




We look forward to having you in class!  Elastic Training