Nori: The Official Elasticsearch Plugin for Korean Language Analysis

이 세션에 참가하셔서 한국어 형태소 분석기 노리의 배경 이야기를 들어보세요. 노리의 원본 문서에서부터 Lucene 모듈에서 최초 실행까지, Elasticsearch 6.4에서 노리를 출시할 수 있게 되기까지의 모든 단계에 대해 얘기합니다.

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Jim Ferenczi

Software Engineer

Jim Ferenczi is an Elasticsearch Engineer and a Lucene committer at The Apache Software Foundation. Before joining Elastic, Jim worked for Exalead on web search and for Rakuten on e-commerce search.

Kiju Kim

Senior Support Engineer

Kiju Kim is a support engineer at Elastic where he helps people better utilize Elastic Stack to get their work done. Previously he worked for Sun/Oracle to help people adopt Java by optimizing and customizing Java VM. Also he has translated several books on Linux and embedded systems.