Divide & Conquer - Logging Architecture in Distributed Ecosystems with Elastic Cloud Enterprise at Otto

The Logging & Monitoring team of Otto.de is directly responsible for each aspect of the logging platform based on Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash. They provide an internal SaaS for about 25 development teams with Elastic Cloud Enterprise at the core of their setup. During their journey they have learned how to deal with challenges such as scaling Logstash, housekeeping for Elasticsearch and collecting usage metrics for analytics and billing. Learn how they built a scalable and resilient logging solution for their development teams on AWS, processing up to 350.000 events per second at peak times in a single Elasticsearch cluster.

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Christian Herweg

Head of Logging & Monitoring

Christian has worked with logging & monitoring for most of his professional career, since his first job in the printing industry where he helped reaching the digital era to his current role as head of the Logging & Monitoring team at otto.de. Christian has been working for otto.de for about 7 years. He’s been supporting OTTO as a platform engineer to take the shift from standard ecommerce solution to custom-built web shop. Today otto.de is moving to the cloud and Christian and his team focuses on offering logging and monitoring solutions for this highly distributed environment. In his spare time he likes to work on small maker projects like a jukebox for his kids.

Thomas Klinger

DevOps engineer

Thomas is part of the Logging and Monitoring team. He works on scalable and robust cloud infrastructure for the logging platform, utilizing both AWS and the Elastic Stack technologies. Previously, he was a member of the performance team for 2 years, working as a user with the Elastic stack. In his spare time, he is passionate about cooking, good tea and cloud technologies.

Lukas Kucharski

DevOps engineer

Lukas started with otto.de's operations team in 2014, managing the infrastructure for the webshop. Afterwards, he specialized on logging and monitoring tasks for the plattform. Managing and automating infrastructure is not only his work, but also his passion, as well as supporting otto.de's development teams with his Elastic Stack know-how. Outside of work he is focused on his targets as an archer.