Elastic{ON} Tour 2018-2019

We brought one-day Elastic{ON} events to community members around the world during the 2018–2019 tour season. See video highlights from the year or scroll to find archives for a specific city.

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Opening Keynote

Featured Video

Hear the Elastic vision for new products, features, solutions, and deployment options straight from Elasticsearch creator Shay Banon.


What’s Evolving in the Elastic Stack

See product roadmaps for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash with demos and announcements for everything from rollups to Elasticsearch SQL.


Logging, Metrics, and APM: The Operations Trifecta

Learn how Elasticsearch efficiently combines logs, metrics, and APM data in a single store and see how Kibana is used to search logs, analyze metrics, and leverage APM features for better performance monitoring and faster troubleshooting.


_Search? Made Simple: Elastic + App Search

Get an in-depth look at Elastic App Search, the fastest and simplest way to add search to your internal or external application. Learn how to quickly deploy highly relevant and performant search in your app.


End-to-End Security Analytics with the Elastic Stack

Interested in staying ahead of the adversary in a shifting security landscape? Learn how to create a centralized security analytics platform with the speed and scale you need for ad hoc analysis during threat detection and hunting exercises.


Canvas for Building Real-time Infographics

Go behind the scenes and learn how Canvas helps you create pixel-perfect, infographic-inspired, living visualizations in Kibana. Plus, see how the new Elasticsearch SQL language plugs into Canvas.


Architectural Best Practices to Master + Pitfalls to Avoid

Scale with confidence. From deploying a small dev cluster for app search to managing a prod deployment of hundreds of nodes, our Elastic experts have seen it all and they’re sharing everything you need to know.


Machine Learning Deep Dive

See time series forecasting and automatic log data categorization in action firsthand. Elastic machine learning features have grown into a powerful tool that automates notifications for anomalies and simplifies tasks like pre-configuring NGINX log analysis at scale. Learn how to put them to work on your data.

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