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October 6, 2015 (SOLD OUT)

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Verizon is Managing Security 700M Events at a Time

Verizon Managed Security Services (MSS) talks architecture, use cases, and dealing with 1M events per second and 20B daily events. Joe Alex, Senior Big Data Engineer for MSS, shares lessons learned, problems solved, and solutions implemented while running one of the largest Elasticsearch clusters out there.

Decision Lab on Cyber Security Log Analytics

How the team at Decision Lab deployed Kibana, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Angular, and Node to replace Hadoop and Splunk.

Opower(ing) Energy Efficiency Using Elasticsearch

A success story on using Elasticsearch for data visualization and targeting in personalizing utility customer messaging to maximize energy savings.

Decision Lab's Elastic as a Service on C2S and Other Platforms

An in-depth look into Decision Lab's Elasticsearch as a Service offering available on C2S and other secure networks.

DigitalGlobe on Seeing a Better World with GeoSpatial Data

Why DigitalGlobe chose Elasticsearch and how they've deployed it to drill down on their 90PB-data archive of vector imagery.

DigitalGov Search: Search and Analytics at the U.S. GSA

Marty Messer, Elastic VP of Customer Care, chats with Loren Siebert of the GSA about search, analytics, and DigitalGov Search.